Oct 13, 2014

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Are Live Bootlegs Really Legal?

Are Live Bootlegs Really Legal?

Many people have been trading live bootleg albums from a variety of different bands for years. These are records that feature a number of artists that will perform their songs in concert settings.

These albums have been traded for years. Today they are easily available on a variety of different types of websites. These can be downloaded for free and even streamed in some cases.

Many of these records are available in a variety of different file formats. Some of them are available in FLV formats that can easily be streamed right off of a mobile device or a web browser. Others are available in MP3 forms and are very easy for all to download and play. This is thanks to the MP3 format being relatively easy to download thanks to how the data has been compressed quite well through an extensive process.

These are great to have but it is important to think about the legality of such bootlegs. These bootlegs are appealing but it is important to think about these bootlegs in any form.

Does the Artist Approve?

bootleg03The main consideration that comes with bootlegs relates to whether or not artists are willing to endorse such bootlegs. In most cases many artists are willing to endorse these as a means of promoting their music. After all, they know that these can help to promote both concerts and the studio albums that they might make.

However, the artists might not always endorse such bootlegs. They might feel that these bootlegs are going to infringe upon their ability to make money. This is a real problem that many artists have and they feel that it is hurting their bottom line as it is. Therefore, it is always best to see what artists have to say about it before downloading any of these live music files.

What About Selling Bootlegs?

While many people are allowed to legally download bootlegs or stream them online, these bootlegs must always be free. Anyone who tries to sell these bootleg records for a profit will be breaking the law as that person will be going beyond the agreement that was set up when getting a plan for distributing live music ready.

bootleg01Sometimes artists may choose to sell these bootlegs on their own. This means that their renditions of their concert recordings will be the only legal ones and that any other bootlegs will be illegal. Fortunately, the legal bootlegs in this case will be ones that are of the best possible sound quality. Many of these are recorded by professional groups that they paid money to hire in order to get their programs recorded as well as possible.

The legality of live bootleg albums will vary by each individual situation. Some artists are willing to approve while others will not be so interested. Also, the sale of bootlegs will be illegal unless the artist that made the recording in the first place is the one behind the sales of such records. The terms will change but they are important based on the legality of this part of downloading or streaming music.

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Sep 27, 2014

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Peer-To-Peer Sharing Has Many Risks

Peer-To-Peer Sharing Has Many Risks

The concept of peer-to-peer sharing for video and music files sounds like a great idea in theory. This allows people to post video and audio files and share them with other people. It might sound great to some but the fact is that peer-to-peer sharing may actually be rather dangerous. There are many problems that can get in the way of the setup at large.

It Can Be Illegal

The biggest concern that comes with peer-to-peer sharing is that it is often illegal. That is, people will take files off of music CDs or video DVDs and post them online. They will take the files and make them so they are all accessible to every single person who wants to take in certain programs.

This is illegal in that programs that are easily available on the market are being pirated for free. While it might be a different story if the work is in the public domain and does not have to be paid for in any manner, it is still illegal in a vast majority of cases. A vast majority of files that are on the market are illegal as they are so this will really create some issues over how the programs are to be used in general.

The Quality of Files Can Be An Issue transfer

There are also times when the quality of files will be a big problem. In many cases these files might not be of the best condition. Music files might have worn-out sounds to them and may not be mixed properly. Video files may not be available in high-definition as well. Simply put, there are problems that often come with the quality of files and there is nothing that people who download these files can do about them.

On a related note, sometimes the files are in formats that are rather hard to bear with. It might be a challenge for some computers to read certain files without having to download new codecs or applications just to play them. In many cases the effort needed to actually get the items required for playing back such files may end up being more of a hassle than the effort for actually downloading the files themselves.

Viruses Are Commonplace

There are many instances where viruses might be found on some of these downloads. Viruses can be extremely risky for all to bear with. In particular, many of these files are going to be threatening due to how they will adjust the many functions in one’s computer. These are bothersome viruses that can be dangerous to one’s computer if they are not controlled in some way.comp virusThe biggest problem with many of these viruses is that they are often new ones that are not targeted by many firewalls or antivirus programs. This means that a computer will become easily at risk of serious damages over an extensive period of time.

Peer-to-peer sharing is a real problem that you need to be aware of. This form of video and music downloading can be far too risky not only for the safety of your computer but also for the legality of whatever you are doing.

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Sep 18, 2014

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The Legality of Torrents For Music and Video Downloads

The Legality of Torrents For Music and Video Downloads

Torrents have become very popular in recent years with regards to music and video downloads. These are interesting files worth exploring but at the same time there are concerns out there with regards to the legality of different types of torrents as they come around. These torrents are important to think about with regards to the ways how different files are available and how they are listed in general. 


What Is a Torrent? 

A torrent is a file that will link a computer up to a series of music and video files. That is, a person will download a torrent and then use a torrent-downloading client to get access to the files that are within the torrent. 

This can be interpreted as a form of file sharing. The big difference is that the torrent will link someone to very specific files. These can include any kind of file including ones that are designed with music or video purposes in mind.

They Contain Directions 

The concept of illegal file sharing has been a huge problem in the music industry. This is due to people stealing music from others online. This can also carry over to movies. 

However, torrents do not have actual files. They only contain the directions for downloading such files. Therefore, there is no real rule stating that torrents are illegal. 

However, the legality of such files can be disputed when the end result is considered. That is, the files that are being downloaded may be illegal in nature. This is especially considering how a majority of entities that will offer such downloading solutions will be offering illegal files. The ones that don’t offer illegal files are few and far between. This is a real issue that might influence the many ways how different kinds of activities are to be followed at large. 

What About Controls? 

The concerns that come with different torrents can be especially important to explore. The problem with many different torrent files is that they are rather difficult to bear with. That is, some of these files are going to be limited to very specific IP addresses. This is a legal activity to work with but it is something that needs to be discovered based on how legal it can be. 

This is a big point that has to be explored due to the risk that comes with some files. The fact is that many files are for specific people and in some cases sharing them with others outside of who is allowed to have them is illegal. This can be a real threat to some but it is one that could be rather interesting to explore based on how different actions are to work. 

In general, while torrents are not illegal and are not always used for music or video downloads, they are still things that have to be considered. Just because a person is legally acquiring a torrent for use with music and video downloads in mind does not mean that the files being downloaded are actually legal to acquire for free. This is a real concern that can end up influencing different activities.

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Sep 9, 2014

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What Makes H.264 Videos Great?

What Makes H.264 Videos Great?

The H.264 video format is one that is often used by those who download or play videos online. Also called MPEG-4 AVC, this is a format that uses a stronger video encoding system than what had been used quite long ago in the past. 

This is a special video compression format that works with high-definition videos in mind. It is an improvement over the MPEG-4 format and has been designed to work with a greater number of lines of resolution at a given time. This can really create impressive images on many displays. 

This can be rather important for all to use on today’s high-definition video cards. In fact, this codec is similar to what works on Blu-ray discs. Computers that are strong enough to handle HD videos will definitely benefit from this option. 

However, H.264 videos are great for more than just being HD-quality. There are many good aspects of these videos worth taking a look at. 

They Are Small In Size 

The problem with many early video codecs is that they used far too much data. H.264 files are designed to work with smaller files. That is, they will use files that are about half the size as what was used in some previous generations. This is ideal for those who want to load video files as soon as possible. h264

Lower Bit Rates Work 

While the video quality of the H.264 format is better than the H.263 or MPEG-2 and 4 formats, the H.264 standard works with a lower bit rate. This also adds to the ability of a computer to load videos as quickly as possible. It does not require anything far too complicated when all is said and done. 

It Works On Many Screens 

While the picture quality of an H.264 video is great, it will look impressive no matter what display is used. That is, this can work on full-screen formats and on mobile devices alike. It can create fine images in large and small screens alike. This makes it a more versatile option for getting different types of videos to work with ease. This has to be reviewed quite well when getting anything played back for any purpose. 

It Works On Many Browsers 

h264 formatOne of the biggest issues with many older codecs is that they might not work well with every single video playback format. This is not going to be an issue with the H.264 format. This format is designed to fit in well with many of the top web browsers around. These include the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Of course, it is always best to have the most recent editions of these web browsers just to ensure that the video will play back as well as possible while keeping security threats in check. 

H.264 videos can be amazing for all to explore when it comes to getting different videos ready for online use. This file format is really amazing with regards to getting anything to work with more than enough care. It can really establish quite a move as far as the displays of different video programs of use is considered.

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Sep 1, 2014

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It’s Time To Move Beyond the MPEG-2 Format

It’s Time To Move Beyond the MPEG-2 Format

While the MPEG-2 format was ideal for many streaming media files in the past, particularly with many video files, the days of the MPEG-2 format are pretty much gone. It is true that the MPEG-2 file format has good video quality and could technically work for many streaming video files or for downloads. However, the times have changed and newer formats like the MPEG-4 and H.264 formats have since replaced this one. There are many things about the MPEG-2 that show that even for its quality, it is best for people to move on and go after some newer options. 

Not All Modern Browsers Use It 

While many browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox are constantly updating, the file formats that they are capable of using are changing too. In particular, they are working with the H.264 and MPEG-4 formats for the most part. 

Modern-day browsers are not as likely to work with the MPEG-2 format as they used to. These browsers seem to have abandoned support for the format and have gone to newer options. 

This doesn’t mean that video playback applications cannot handle the format. Still, the fact that many browsers cannot handle it makes it so the format may not be all that accessible with regards to getting some downloads to work as required. It can be a real hassle to some but it is one that has to be dealt with regardless of whether one is all that comfortable with it or not. This is a big part of what this file format has to be abandoned in order to actually get anywhere online. 

Licensing Fees Are An Issue 

mpeg-2The MPEG-2 format has licensing issues attached to it. These licensing points are not required for many other formats. In particular a licensing plan can cost up to forty cents per video. This may sound minimal but it can add up over time. This is especially the case for websites that focus on loads of videos and downloads. Some of the largest sites might have to be loads of money just to get their videos ready as there is no telling just how many cents each video is going to be worth in terms of licensing costs. 

Size Matters 

Newer file formats have data sizes that are much smaller than what the MPEG-2 uses. In particular, the H.264 format has a design that is about a third the size of an MPEG-2 file on average. This means that a person will have to spend more time to download an MPEG-2 file for streaming purposes. The fact that this format does not have the same overall vibrant appearance that the H.264 format comes with only makes this more of a hassle than needed. 

Overall, the MPEG-2 format certainly had its time. However, things have changed and it is time to get out to a new format when playing back videos on a browser or an outside playback application. It is a tough thing to do but change can definitely be good when it is managed with just the right amount of overall care.

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Jan 24, 2015

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Is It Appropriate To Listen To Stream Music During Driving Lessons From Intensive Driving Schools?

Is It Appropriate To Listen To Stream Music During Driving Lessons From Intensive Driving Schools?

The internet is currently crawling with thousands of personal videos of people or animals doing interesting things. On the other hand, getting music online has become quite easier. If you have the right devices to support any downloads or streaming online, you can do so effortless. From your smartphone, your tablet or your PC, it’s easier to enjoy the unadulterated content that’s posted daily. However, the million dollar question is: can you do this when you’re taking driving lessons from an intensive driving school you’re enrolled to?
As the name suggests, intensive driving schools can be quite demanding. Therefore, the instructors are bound to be straight to the point. For most cases, you might be allowed some leeway but if that’s not the case, too bad. Basically, when you’re enrolled in a driving school, you need to study all the driving instructions to guarantee road safety when you eventually start driving. In that case, there is no way you would ever be allowed to stream an online video from your smartphone or iPad when you’re on the steering wheel, yet you’re a learner.
However, there are a few more places you can enjoy your downloaded content. Once you get home, school or work, log in to the internet and enjoy the best of the best online videos or music at your own convenience. Sites like YouTube are among the leading content providers for most people. Here, you can find as many interesting cat videos as you like and also download your latest music videos. Most people prefer downloading the videos rather than streaming online. However, if you can’t do so and your internet is strong enough, you should be able to stream any music or videos online and enjoy it all the same.

Social media platforms have made it easier for people to share any content on the internet. Earlier, people simply posted their personal videos and asked friends to watch it. However, there is no guarantee that it would go viral or get as many likes. With the start of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, an interesting cat video will gain as many likes as possible if many people shared it on their profiles. With this new trend, musicians and artists have taken a center stage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Currently, Twitter and Instagram have become more popular than Facebook. Therefore, if a musician releases a new video and shares it with his/her followers on both of these platforms, immediately thousands of people get access to the music. It’s as easy as that. iTunes has become one of the leading sites where people can access any music they like after paying a small fee of course. However, you can always get a free copy on YouTube if it’s available. You can actually get anything from iTunes these days. Movies, TV shows, music videos and many more things, that is apart from personal videos that are posted directly on YouTube.
If you’re enrolled in intensive driving schools, professional programs at drivinglessonsinsalford.co.uk , find out how you can have more fun by downloading and streaming music videos online.

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Jan 22, 2015

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How I Used Different Toronto Homes For Sale To Figure Out What I Needed In A Home Entertainment System

How I Used Different Toronto Homes For Sale To Figure Out What I Needed In A Home Entertainment System

When looking at getting a new home I knew I wanted to do something really special. I wanted to give myself a home entertainment system that I would be able to use for years to come. I wasn’t necessarily looking to give myself a whole home theater, but I wasn’t exactly opposed to the idea either. But first I needed a house.

I began looking in the Toronto area for Toronto homes for sale. I found that 4one6 teams Toronto homes for sale has the best selection to meet my needs. This was important because I wanted to make sure that I got a house with good acoustics.

Most of my music is streamed online from services like Pandora. For this reason I decided I needed a fairly modern home. I figured that an older home wouldn’t allow me to take advantage of the internet at its maximum potential. This actually cut out a large number of houses from the market.

Once I was lookingtheater 3 at newer homes, I began being able to shape my dreams. I wanted a system where I could move from room to room and switch over my stream. I learned that there were many different systems I could use. Some of them were even controlled with my phone.

For my bedroom, living room, and guest room I decided I wanted large domed ceilings so I could put in projectors for the walls. This allowed me to use more web based solutions for my in home entertainment systems. This also meant I could hook up any of my devices in any room.

Making this decision led me to the home of my dreams. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of my journey towards the perfect home. It was one thing to visualize my system, it was another to choose which companies I wanted to go with. The projectors allowed me more freedom than I would have ever thought.

I decided against using my phone to control everything. While y phone and tablet were great for Pandora and other music streaming, I found myself wanting an actual remote for all of my visual media needs. For this reason I contacted a local company and explained my needs to them.

I ended up with a service similar to Chromecast, where I can pause and un-pause as I walk through my house. My wife loves this feature because she can either ask me to take the movie to the bedroom with her, or to leave the bedroom is she has a headache. Either way I still get to watch my movies and shows without disturbing her.

I can honestly say that looking for a new home with the entertheater 1tainment goals we had in mind was the best way to go about setting our system up. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been if I hadn’t been able to change the space to the system instead of the other way around. We plan to live in this home until we are old and grey, customizing it for our media needs was just the smart choice.

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Jan 19, 2015

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Improving Wi-Fi Speeds For Downloads Isn’t Hard To Do

Improving Wi-Fi Speeds For Downloads Isn’t Hard To Do

It’s clear that the best Wi-Fi speeds are going to make it a whole lot easier for people to get music downloads taken care of with ease. However, many people often struggle when trying to make their Wi-Fi speeds go as fast as possible. This can especially be frustrating for those who have all the latest connectivity products and the most up-to-date routers and other items for use.

Fortunately, it is not all that hard for people to get faster Wi-Fi speeds if they just know what they have to do in order to make whatever they have got a little easier to manage as needed. There are many sensible things that can be done in order to speed up a Wi-Fi network at home whether it is for MP3 downloads, for getting a remote access connection manager to work or to get any other download ready right from the source.

Check the Right Spot

Sometimes Wi-Fi units work better if they are placed in the right spots. It is critical to avoid placing a Wi-Fi unit near water, metal and brick surfaces. These tend to be hard spots for signals to penetrate through.

Review the Antennas

routerThe antennas that are used on the Wi-Fi receiver may need to be adjusted at times. It helps to experiment a bit by adjusting the directions of the antennas and to even consider getting an extended antenna ready. The key is to ensure that the antennas are actually able to deliver and take in all the signals one is trying to acquire as demanded.

Check the Channel

Wi-Fi materials work on different channels based on certain radio frequencies. If one channel appears to be dealing with interference then maybe it is best to switch to another channel.

Work On Both Bands

Using the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands at the same time may always be a good idea. This is to help with checking on how different items are to be managed the right way. If this is controlled with care then it should not be too hard for the setup to get as many signals running as possible. This in turn should make it a whole lot easier for the connection one is using to be read with more than enough care as required.

Use a Measurement Tool

Sometimes it helps to use a proper measurement tool to help figure out if the signal strength one is getting is good enough. A tool can help with measuring things like the total download speed being used and the way how signals are moving into a unit. It can be rather easy to download a measurement tool for free from an extensive variety of resources, thus making for a solution that is certainly going to be worthwhile and ready for the goals one might hold.

The best Wi-Fi speeds can be easy for all to access if the right things are done. Everything needs to be managed with care to ensure that nothing wrong is going to happen when getting any kind of signal working with enough control and support as desired.

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Dec 31, 2014

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Why Are Record Stores Struggling?

Why Are Record Stores Struggling?

Record stores have been losing out to MP3 download sites in recent time. There are many great reasons why so many of these traditional record stores are not doing as well as they used to be.

What’s the Selection?

The problem with a physical record store is that it is a place that only sells a certain number of items. You might find a few discs here and there but there is no guarantee that you will get access to whatever it is you might really have an interest in at such a store. The retail design process for getting a store ready when you click for source will only go so far when getting such a store ready.

MP3s Are Easier To Bring Around

The MP3 player and other types of portable media devices have made it so people don’t really have much of a need to get CDs around all the time. The fact that cars have MP3 player adapters these days only makes it so the CD might end up becoming obsolete in the near future.

teens with mp3 players


Previews Are Often Available

Many MP3 download sites will offer previews of the different things that people can get these days. These download sites are rather easy to work with as you can clearly learn a little more about what you want to check out before you can download it. This is a popular feature that helps you to confirm just what it is that you are getting before you actually go ahead and download it.

What About the Price?

While paying about a dollar for a song might seem like quite a bit when compared with other things out there, you still have to be aware of how much it can cost to download an album. You might pay about ten dollars or so for the entire album. This is different from a traditional type of store that will often charge at least fifteen dollars for you to get such a disc. The cost of running the store and packaging that disc is clearly going to play a role in the cost that comes with the disc that you want to order.

The Clerk Can Be a Hassle

Finally, many people just like to buy their music at MP3 stores because they know that MP3 downloads are easier to get. They know that they will not be quietly judged by the person who is at the counter at a record store. After all, it can be a real hassle for some people to buy stuff without being at risk of being criticized silently by whoever is at the store.

These are all great reasons as to why so many people are getting away from the traditional record stores and are sticking with many of the digital media sites that offer MP3 downloads. Whether or not the record store is going to go away altogether in the future is uncertain but one thing is true in that the record store is not getting anywhere past what it has at this point in time.

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Oct 23, 2014

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Drugs Have Been a Big Part of Music For Years

Drugs Have Been a Big Part of Music For Years

Many people these days will hear stories about smoking and marijuana and other drugs in music. While it is true that many people are inspired by the things that they can smoke with a dry herb vaporizer from Pier420, the fact is that music that has been inspired by drug use has been around for as long as many of these drugs have been in vogue for.

To some it can be troublesome but to many others it is a way of life. Some of the drugs that are covered in the world of music include products that are not endorsed by Pier420 including ecstasy. Still, the use of some drugs like marijuana is still popular even after all these years.

A Very Early Start

It’s been known that drug use has been referred to in music since at least the 1930s. Many jazz and piano-based songs were drafted during the Great Depression to uplift people and to encourage them to try new things. Sometimes this could entail the use of many drugs that can be easy to smoke. While many people were not fully aware of how such drugs could work at the time, they were becoming rather popular as people were looking for ways to improve their lives during an era of such social uncertainty.

hendrixCounterculture Strikes

The counterculture of the late 1960s really created a period of time where people became rather interested in many new things to smoke. This counterculture moved on to the world of music as many people started to create music while under the influence of drugs. This was especially evidenced in many artists who liked to experiment with their music. Of course, the deaths of such stars as Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison only caused people to recognize the risk of certain drugs.

Drugs Are Increasing Today

Today many people have been using drugs as a means of inspiring the music that they create. However, many of the drugs that are being used these days include illegal options that people cannot get from nature. These include drugs like ecstasy and MDMA, drugs that have become exceptionally popular with the electronic dance music scene. These are dangerous products but they seem to have caught on in a number of circles around the music industry in general.

Marijuana Still Dominates

The use of marijuana in music continues to be rather popular. Many artists have developed some real affections for the drug and have even based many songs and entire albums around the product at large. The records from artists like the Insane Clown Posse and other who are heavily associated with that infamous group are among the best examples of records that discuss marijuana and glorify its use. Considering how marijuana is becoming more acceptable in today’s social climate, the drug will be likely to grow in popularity over time.

As it can be seen from all this history, the use of drugs has been a staple of music. While drugs are not required in order to enjoy or create music, many people use them regardless. The legality of some of these drugs is extremely debatable though.

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